Categories health & medicine upload details uploaded via slideshare as adobe pdf usage rights © all rights reserved statistics favorites 0 downloads 2 comments 0 embed views 0 views on slideshare gross total views large integer no comments yet notes on slide 1 subscribe to comments post comment edit your comment cancel more… hiatal hernia info — presentation transcript hiatal hernia infoa hiatal hernia (say "hi-ay-tul her-nee-uh") happenswhen part of your stomach bulges up through thediaphragm and into your chest. Viagra price qatar The diaphragm is a sheet of muscle that separates yourbelly (abdomen) from your chest. The hernia bulges through the diaphragm at a placecalled the hiatus. viagra pills cheap This is the opening in the diaphragmthat the esophagus camera passes through. viagra daily dose cost The esophagus is the tube that connects the throat tothe stomach. generic viagra canada no prescription Www. viagra for sale Hiatalherniainfo. Do most insurance plans cover viagra Com hiatal hernia infothere are three main types of hiatal hernia: mixed, sliding, and paraesophageal. generic viagra india Mostpeople who have a hiatal hernia have a sliding hiatal hernia. generic viagra mg pills In a mixed hernia, the stomach bulges up into thechest cavity through the hiatus and alongside theesophagus, as in a paraesophageal hernia. discount generic viagra But theles moves up above the diaphragm, too. Viagra daily use insurance coverage Sliding hiatal hernias are those in which thejunction of the esophagus and stomach,referred to as the gastro- esophageal junction,and part of the stomach protrude into thechest. In a paraesophageal hernia, the stomach bulges up through the opening in thediaphragm (hiatus) meant for the esophagus. cheap viagra The stomach is pushed up alongside theesophagus, and in some cases, the entire stomach can bulge up into the chest cavity(upside-down stomach). generic viagra made in india Www. side effects of viagra on men with high blood pressure Hiatalherniainfo. where can i buy viagra online Com hiatal hernia info learn more about hiatal hernias at:www. viagra samples new zealand Hiatalherniainfo. viagra generico en mexico df Com visit today for great information and videos. Www. viagra buy mastercard Hiatalherniainfo. viagra daily dose cost Com connect on linkedin follow us on twitter find us on facebook find us on google+ learn about us about careers our blog press contact us help & support using slideshare slideshare cardinal terms of use privacy policy copyright & dmca community guidelines slideshare on mobile pro & more go pro new business solu. cheap viagra in usa buy cheap viagra online