Items o health assessment for over 75’s o care planning o case conferences 3. viagra online pay paypal cheap viagra soft List benefits of the general practitioner’s coordinating role in the management of a patient with a complex medical condition what is coordination of care? viagra usa buy viagra online without prescription Depends on perspective medical focus (gps/specialist(s)/hospital(s) patient focus (facilitate access to medical / non-medical / community services) o comprehensive focus (includes family and carers as well as the two above) why is it necessary? viagra for women 2012 Chronic illness can involve all aspects of a person’s life physical limitation psychological distress social and financial disadvantage (both in terms of direct costs from loss of income & cost of medications but also indirect costs) illness progression = increasing complexity = multiple services improve health outcomes for patients and their carers reduce wastage and costs within the health system health & related services: general care services general community health services pharmaceutical services allied health services in home community care acute care surgical / therapeutic intervention diagnostic and pre-admission treatment / tests post-acute outpatient community care longer term co-ordinated care residential care community based aged care o palliative care co-ordinated care has been shown to improve health outcomes for patients and their carers and to decrease wastage and the cost of caring for pts with chronic diseases. viagra price canada Good co-ordinated care facilitates the role of dr’s, non-medical services, community services, families and carers. viagra for women 2012 What are the needs of patients and their carers? can you take viagra daily To be treated as a whole person within the context of their life some degree of control over their lives, their condition and its management. bad effects viagra women To be able to live as fulfilling a life as possible within the limitations of their condition access to community based information and support to enable this to happen difficulties often faced by people with chronic conditions gaining access to appropriate well co-ordinated services gaining access to after - hours medical care including home visits problems with transport and mobility communication problems financial disadvantage role of the gp o give high quality medical care o provide access to specialist, hospital, non. cheap viagra buy viagra